IUF members in Asia and the Pacific exercise their voting rights at the Regional Conference held every five years. According to Article 5 (7) of the Statutes of the IUF Regional Organization for Asia and the Pacific [2016] the Regional Conference is the supreme authority of the Regional Organisation. The Regional Conference passes resolutions, reviews and adopts reports including financial reports, amends the Statutes, elects the Regional Committee, elects the Regional President and elects the Regional Secretary. All of this is done in accordance with the procedures and rules in the Statutes of the IUF Regional Organization for Asia and the Pacific and in accordance with the IUF Rules [2017].

The 13th Regional Conference was held in Manila in October 2016. The 14th Regional Conference was scheduled for October 2021. However, faced with extreme and extaordinary conditions in the COVID-19 pandemic, the 50th Regional Committee Meeting passed Resolution No.5 on October 29, 2020, postponing the 14th Regional Conference to October 2022. It was decided that travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic would affect the ability of many affiliates to send delegates to the Regional Conference. It was understood that any attempt to hold the Regional Conference according to the original plan risked disenfranchising our members. This was a timely and necessary decision made in the interests of the rights of our members and the integrity of the Regional Organization. All affiliated unions were formally notified of this change via email on January 14, 2021. All of the affiliated unions that responded confirmed their support for Resolution No.5.

Based on our current assessment of the COVID-19 pandemic and the slow and unequal rollout of vaccines, we do not consider it possible to hold a physical Regional Conference in October 2022 attended by delegates from all countries. Therefore the 14th Regional Conference will be a hybrid conference – combining both physical and virtual participation. Those who cannot travel will participate virtually from their respective countries. To ensure that all affilated unions can participate in decision-making and voting a series of national and sub-regional consultation meeting will be held. The schedule of these meetings will be finalized in consultation with affiliates.

The schedule and documentation will be provided in different languages in a members only section of this website.

For more information on this schedule and the consultation process, please contact the Regional Secretariat by emailing: 14regcon@iufap.org or submit the form below.