On 19 June 2021 the 109th Session of the International Labour Conference passed the Resolution for a return to democracy and respect for fundamental rights in Myanmar. This resolution clearly reflects the tripartite commitment of governments, trade unions and employers to seek a restoration of democracy in Myanmar.

The resolution also clearly demonstrates that the right to freedom of association is integral to democracy and the exercise of democratic rights.

Unofficial Translations [PDF]

ဗမာဘာသာစကား Burmese

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In this resolution the International Labour Conference calls upon Myanmar to:

(a) restore democratic order and civilian rule in Myanmar, and – once the democratically elected government has been restored – to amend without delay the Civil Services Personnel Law, the Settlement of Labour Disputes Law and the Labour Organization Law, consistent with the Freedom of Association and Protection of the Right to Organise Convention, 1948 (No.87) ratified by
(b) cease all attacks, threats and intimidation by the military against workers, employers and their respective organizations, and the general population, including in relation to their peaceful participation in protest activities, as well as against religious and ethnic minorities such as the Rohingya, and immediately and unconditionally release from detention and withdraw any charges against all those arbitrarily detained; 
(c) end the violation of human rights and ensure the restoration of fundamental principles and rights at work;
(d) respect Convention No. 87 and ensure that workers and employers are able to exercise their freedom of association rights in a climate of freedom and security, free from violence, arbitrary arrest and detention;
(e) repeal any measures or orders issued, or additional measures imposed, following the removal of the civilian government curtailing freedom of expression and freedom of peaceful assembly and measures restricting freedom of workers, employers and their respective organizations to undertake their activities freely and without threat of intimidation or harm; 
(f) ensure safe and unimpeded humanitarian access to support all people in need.

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