The founding Congress of the Pinay Careworkers Transnational held in Quezon City in the Philippines on December 16-17, 2022, is a tremendous step forward in the fight for economic and social justice and winning dignity and respect for some of the most vulnerable workers in the world.

Mabuhay ang PINAY: SENTRO Statement for the founding Congress of the Pinay Careworkers Transnational (PINAY)

In today’s interconnected world, the crucial role of migrant workers is obviously clear. From professionals, to agricultural, blue collar, and domestic workers, entire economies depend on migrant labor. This is especially the case for the Philippines, which hails our Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) as modern day heroes. Yet, despite their important contributions, migrant workers experience widespread violations of their human and labor rights – both in the destination and origin countries.

Because of this, and the need to protect their rights, interests, as well as work towards their empowerment, the Sentro ng mga Nagkakaisa at Progresibong Manggagawa (SENTRO) announced with great joy the formation of Pinay Careworkers Transnational (PINAY), a transnational labor union of migrant Filipino care and domestic workers. In its inaugural Congress this 16-17 of December 2022, PINAY establishes itself as a space for organizing the collective strength of care workers in the Philippines and the many destination countries for OFWs.

Representing mostly women members based in Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Taiwan, and the Philippines, the transnational union aims to work towards the complete protection of migrant careworkers across the entire migration cycle, from their recruitment until their departure to the destination countries.

PINAY’s establishment is the product of decades of organizing work made possible by the cooperation of labor organizations in different countries. We look forward to the continued growth of this transnational union towards the empowerment of the millions of OFWs in every corner of the globe.

Mabuhay ang mga manggagawang Pilipino, mabuhay ang mga OFW, mabuhay ang PINAY!

Solidarity message from the IUF Asia/Pacific Regional Secretary to the founding Congress of the Pinay Careworkers Transnational – a transnational union of migrant, domestic and care workers