In response to growing insecurity, rising militarism and the threat to peace, we focus on the theme “Women Workers for Peace” on International Women’s Day 2023.

The call for peace is not only in response to war and militarism, but also increased racial, ethnic and religious intolerance and violence faced by women in workplaces and communities.

One of the consequences of rising nationalism in response to the threat of military conflict and war, is that governments and political parties are instigating greater intolerance. Attacks on religious and ethnic minorities; indigenous peoples; refugees, asylum seekers and newly arrived migrants are on the rise. Within these groups women and girls are the most vulnerable.

At this critical juncture in history, we must not lose focus on women workers and women’s rights. This must remain our priority when we speak of gender perspectives and gender equality. This is absolutely vital in our collective action to prevent war, military escalation and violence.