In a huge win for housekeepers formerly hired through a labour contractor/agency, 700 housekeepers will become direct, permanent workers at Crown Resorts’ hotels and casino in Melbourne, Australia. As a result of the committed campaigning, organizing and bargaining of the United Workers Union (UWU), they will now enjoy better wages and working hours, improved leave entitlements, and more job security.

News of the win was welcomed by hotel and resorts unions around the Asia-Pacific region as a win for all workers fighting for secure jobs.

As part of the Global Housekeeping Campaign (GHC), unions in Southeast Asia exposed the abusive working conditions, excessive hours, and health risks faced by outsourced, casual and contractual housekeepers.

In particular the Global Housekeeping Campaign in the Philippines demanded that all housekeepers be made permanent and that room quotas – a major source of excessive workloads and injuries – be abolished.

When we heard about UWU’s win at Crown Resorts we immediately informed our members in NUWHRAIN and the hundreds of housekeepers that are part of GHC Philippines. This is a great boost for them too and will revitalize our campaign.

Geoffrey Labudahon, SENTRO’s coordinator of GHC Philippines


We’ve always demanded that housekeepers are direct, permanent workers and not outsourced. In the pandemic everyone saw that housekeepers are essential workers and they deserve better pay and safe, secure work. It’s great to see the UWU’s win at Crown Melbourne reinforce this message.

Galih Galih Tri Panjalu, General Secretary of FSPM in Indonesia


Housekeepers play a very important role in casino resorts. They are a key part of the main workforce of the casino and their work is essential. More unions need to follow the example of UWU in winning permanent jobs for housekeepers.

Ben Lawrence, Secretary of GMBWU at Resorts World Casino in Genting, Malaysia


Hotel and casino resorts members from the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand sent their congratulations and solidarity, declaring “you inspire us!”