On the International Day for the Elimination of Child Labour, June 12, 2023, union members across the Asia-Pacific region demand action to stop child labour, and to turn the situation around for 160 million children around the world.

Ending child labour means freeing children from fear, injury and exploitation and ensuring their education, health and wellbeing. The right to education, health and wellbeing is a universal human right and child rights. These rights are fundamental to ensuring that all children, everywhere, live a full a meaningful life worthy of human dignity.

This reiterates calls by unions in the IUF Asia/Pacific Region last year to end the exploitation of child labour in food supply chains.

Taking action to stop child labour includes tackling key drivers of child labour in agriculture (piece-rate wages, unfair crop prices, debt) and recognition that the climate crisis has a huge impact on child labour, especially in agriculture.

Union members across the Asia-Pacific demand that we stop child labour and turn the situation around for over 160 million children around the world. [The following are gif images] Please visit us on Twitter , Instagram and Facebook to see more photos.