In the Philippines, members of the National Union of Food Delivery Riders (RIDERS) – affiliated to IUF and SENTRO – held a protest action against the new fare adjustment imposed by Grab management that caused a significant loss of income for delivery riders.

Grab delivery riders in metro Manila expressed their protest against the unfair fare adjustment in a one day “App off” protest action and Unity Ride through the city.

In messages taped to their delivery bags, Grab delivery riders demanded that:

  1. we also have rights
  2. we have families too
  3. Grab management should be fair
  4. no to unfair fare matrix

RIDERS places responsibility on Grab management in the Philippines for the unfair fare adjustment which is effectively a wage cut. It was a deliberate management decision to apply a new fare matrix.

Criticizing the unfair fare adjustment, IUF Asia/Pacific Regional Secretary Hidayat Greenfield observed:

The new fare adjustment takes money away from riders and their families and puts it into the hands of Grab corporate management and investors. It is greed that drives these decisions not algorithms or AI.

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