On International Workers’ Day we will have all sorts of demands in different countries, depending on different situations. But I think what unites us is that we know that working people deserve better. We know that we need to come together to build the economic, political and social power to make the changes needed so that we will never again face a pandemic like this and a crisis like this. So that we will never again see such suffering and hardship on this scale.

We need to ensure that everyone has access to universal free health care and that everyone’s jobs and incomes and livelihoods are protected. We must ensure that there are public goods and services to provide for us. We need to rebuild quality education, quality housing, quality healthcare. And the only way to rebuild that is to ensure there is corporate taxation, capital gains tax – that we tax the rich. We must shift wealth to working people. We must shift wealth to all the public services and public goods that are needed by working people. This must happen.

It’s no longer a policy debate. It’s absolutely a matter of our survival and this pandemic has shown us that.

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