With the Indonesian government’s success in the vaccination roll out and stringent measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19, domestic and international tourism is starting to recover. Hotel and tourism workers are going back to work, once again on the frontline in exposure to COVID-19 and with a critical role in keeping hotel guests and travellers safe. The use of hotels for mandatory quarantine has already shown that hotel workers have the valuable skills needed to protect guests and the public. And it also shows the vital role of unions like FSPM in keeping hotel workers safe on the frontline.

Despite this, major international hotel chains like Marriott and Accor still refuse to recognize the value of hotel workers and to respect their rights. Hundreds of hotel workers arbitrarily dismissed by Accor and Marriott in Indonesia deserve to return to work. Yet Accor’s Fairmont Sanur in Bali and Marriott’s Courtyard in Bandung refuse to reinstate unfairly terminated workers. Protests continue in Bali and Bandung demanding reinstatement and an end to unfair dismissals and forced redundancies.

FSPM Bali members continue protest action demanding reinstatement at Fairmont Sanur Beach

Protests against unfair dismissals at Courtyard by Marriott in Bandung continue