After 17 months of being compelled to work as essential industry workers, Coca-Cola workers in the Philippines are apparently now worthless. Management in the Philippines is refusing union demands for fair wage increases despite members working hard as essential workers throughout the pandemic.

The value of workers’ lives is also in doubt as Coca-Cola Philippines refuses to reinstate three trade union leaders – Alfredo MaraƱon, Belarmino Tulabut, and Danilo Pineda – who were unfairly terminated 17 months ago for responding to workers’ concerns about workplace safety.

As FCCU-SENTRO-IUF members across the Philippines launch mass protests and prepare for strike action, they are calling on Coca-Cola to recognize their efforts as essential workers by engaging in good faith wage bargaining that provides fair wage increases. To bring attention to their protest Coca-Cola workers are wearing face masks that read: “Hey Coke are we essential or not?”