Starbucks is engaged in a systematic, vicious attack on young workers organizing in Starbucks in the USA.  Workers face victimization, harassment and unfair dismissal simply for exercising their universal human right to form and join unions.

In May 2018, Nestlé paid Starbucks US$7.15 billion for the right to manufacture and sell Starbucks branded coffee products. This includes “Starbucks Coffee At Home” and ready-to-drink canned and bottled coffee.

Unionized workers at Nestlé cannot accept that their employer is doing business with a viciously anti-union company like Starbucks. Workers are saying that Starbucks coffee products manufactured in Nestlé factories represent an entire corporate culture that is anti-union and “this is not out recipe!” They are calling on Starbucks to respect worker and trade union rights!

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